Home Depot Child's Playset 3ft tall 2ft 9in wide 11in deep Comes with drills and other pieces Stickers Etc.
Black Computer Chair Still rolls and reclines Wear and tear on material
Excellent condition Top may need some polishing. Everything else great. Super solid, sturdy, holds over 250lbs. 1ft 7in height 2ft 2in deep 3ft 11in wide
2 Piece China Cabinet Great Condition Top has 2 sliding glass doors Bottom has 2 doors with 2 drawers and cabinet space 4ft 11in height TOTAL STACKED 2ft 10.5in height bottom 2ft 0.5in height top 1ft 4in deep bottom 1ft 1.5in deep top 3ft wide bottom 2ft 10in wide top
Folding table or small table (just so my daughter has something to sit with in the family room). Only need one chair but two or more is okay.
Dresser with mirror missing one handle , tall dresser, nightstand